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MD PhD Iwona Filipecka

The medical director of the Clinic is MD Iwona Filipecka, the specialist of the eye diseases, the member of the Polish Society of Ophthalmology, the American Academy of Ophthalmology and European Society of the Surgeons of the Cataract and Refractory Surgery. The doctor Filipecka conducts the treatments within the lens surgery, including also the cataract and refractory surgery. She has been gaining the professional experience for the thirteen years in the Ophthalmology Clinic in Katowice. She took part in the trainings in Spain and Switzerland, she also took a part in many trainings devoted to the state-of-the-art diagnostic and operational techniques with the use of the best medical equipment.

The doctor’s achievements

MD Iwona Filipecka introduces the modern methods of the refractive surgery while operating the cataract. She implanted a modern lens MPlus add+1,5 of the Oculentis company as the first person in the country. She has been executing the implanting the multifocal and trajectory contact lenses for many years. She is the founder of the programme – “The personification of the lens consultation” and that is why every patient has its own, best proposed surgery treatment. She also conducts the anti-glaucoma surgeries.

MD Agnieszka Nowak

She gained the professional experience during her work in the Ophthalmological Clinic of the Medical University of Silesia. She is a member of the Silesian Chamber of Physicians and Dentists in Katowice and the Polish Ophthalmological Society.


The doctor’s achievements

The doctor Nowak was, inter alia: the participant of the symposium – „The place of the selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) in treating the patients with ocular hypertension or open-angle glaucoma”, she took part in the International Conference – „III Silesian Retinal Meeting” and VII Symposium of the Glaucoma Section PTO. The doctor Nowak was granted with the II degree reward of the Rector of Medical University of Silesia in 2011.

The treatments in which a MD A. Nowak is specialised

MD Agnieszka Nowak conducts a complex diagnostics of retinal diseases: fluorescein angiography, ocular CT scan, microperimetry and laser treatment of the retinal and glaucoma diseases.

MD Janusz Damek

MD Janusz Damek gained his professional experience during his work at Opthalmology Ward of the Regional hospital in Bielsko-Biala and in the Dispensatory of the Children Ophthalmology in Bielsko-Biala, he also completed a specialised internship in the ophthalmological Clinic in Bytom. He is the member of the Beskid Chamber of Physicians and Dentists in Bielsko-Biala and the Polish Ophthalmological Society. He is giving the lectures within the University of the Third Age.

The doctor Damek performs the laser treatments: laserotherapy of the retina among the patients with the diabetic retinopathy and after the thrombus of the central vein, he is also engaged in the laser removal of the secondary cataract. He conducts the laser anti-glaucoma treatments: laser trabeculoplasty SLT and laser irydotomy with the UBM examination. He also performs the surgery treatments of the tear tracts and the operational treatments of the eyelids, conjunctiva and the cornea, he performs intravitreous injections of the anti-VEGF medicines.

MD PhD Agnieszka Grądek-Motyl

MD Agnieszka Grądek-Motyl has gained the professional experience in St. Barbara Hospital in Sosnowiec and the Teaching Hospital in Katowice. She is a member of the Silesian Chamber of Physicians and Dentists and Polish Ophthalmological Society.


The doctor’s achievements

She completed the course within the ophthalmological ultrasound examinations USG, she also took part in the training within the examinations of the anterior section of the eye with the use of the modern ultrabiomicroskope USG/UBM. Except this, she has the training within the visual coherent tomography OCT.

The treatments in which MD A. Grądek-Motyl is specialised

The doctor A. Grądek-Motyl performs mainly the laser treatment of the eye diseases. *

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