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The modern equipment


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The both centres of the Okulus Plus Clinic belong to the best equipped clinics in Poland. We have, among other things:

  • ophthalmic tomograph,
  • Funduscamera Visucam – an advanced apparatus used in fluorescein angiography,
  • ultrabiomicroskope USG/UBM – a device used in ultrasound examination of the anterior and posteriori section of the eye,
  • pachymeter – allows for the performance of the measurement of the thickness of the cornea,
  • visual biometer – a modern apparatus used mostly in the treatments of the removing the cataract,
  • autorefractometer– a computer system of  examining the visual impairment sight defects, specifying the refractive error of the patient,
  • the slit-lamp –  allows for the precise imagining of the anterior eye structures,
  • the Javala keratometer –  enables for detecting of the astigmatism,
  • the gonioscope – a modern device used in diagnostics of glaucoma.
  • The Volka lens – allows for the precise examination of the fundus of the patient’s eye,
  • visual perimeter – a device used in visual field examination with the use of the method of perimetry,
  • SLT laser – a modern laser used in decreasing the pressure in the treatment of the patients with open-angle glaucoma,
  • the Infiniti facoemulsificator –  the world’s only apparatus for removing the cataract, that increases the safety of performed surgeries, shortening  of the operation time, accelerates the healing of a wound and minimises the risk of arousal of the post-operative astigmatism,
  • endothelial microscope of the Topcon company – a modern device for the measurement of the endothelium and non-contact tachymetry,
  • theVisulas-Yag III laser – a tool used both in order to remove the secondary glaucoma as well in laser treatments on the retina.

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